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Doosan TT1800sy

The latest technology

The Doosan Puma TT1800SY.
Twin turret, Twin Spindle.
Live Tooling with full 'C' and 'Y' axis capability.
Our Doosan Puma TT1800SY CNCs allow us to machine your component in 'one-hit', complete from billet, with greater accuracy and in faster cycle-times than ever before….
Christopher Harley - Managing Director
Machine specifications
Chuck Size
8 "
2 x 12 (24 index) 
Bar dia
2 x 65 mm
Spindle rpm
2 x 5,000 
Spindle kW
2 x 22 
Max turn length
230 on each turret 
"M" kw/rpm
Y axis mm
100 (+/-50mm) 
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Incredible Accuracy

The Doosan range of Twin-Turret, Twin-Spindle multi-axis turning centres combine Y-axis functionality, twin spindles and an upper and lower turret to maximise productivity. There are two models in the range - the TT 1800SY and the larger TT 2500SY.
The TT 1800SY has an 8"chuck and 65mm bar capacity, with both spindles providing 22kW 5,000rpm power and performance, and both turrets offering 12/24 positions. The machine has Driven Tools (5.5kW 5,000rpm) and ±50mm Y-axis capability.

The Puma TT1800SY In Action

A short video highlighting the TT's amazing machining capability, twin spindles and twin turrets allow simultaneous machining on both spindles. The C - axis on both spindles allows precise indexing for drilling,milling and tapping operations whilst the Y-axis on the top turret gives the advantage of off-centre machining.
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